Lens Trailer

    Lens is a 3D adventure/exploration game created for our senior design course at UCSC.   The game is centered around the mystical Lens, a device that can both look into a parallel universe and transfer objects between realities.  As they progress through the world of Lens, players can learn more about the mysterious island on which the game is set, and the two parallel societies that occupied it.

    As Art Director, I managed our team of modelers and concept artists,  maintained asset standards, and made sure there was strong communication with between the artists and the rest of the team.

    Like many on the team, there was a lot of multitasking involved.  I did  a lot of modelling, texture creation, and miscellaneous coding.
My other primary role was in the design and creation of the Lens itself, a task which encompassed the models, animations, effects, and code that govern its visuals.

    Working on Lens was a wonderful experience, in which I've learned much about designing and building a 3D game, and working with(and organizing large portions of) a team of 23 amazing people.  

Official Site:  www.lensthegame.com


    Sammy Awards- Lens won the Grand Prize, Audio award, and was runner-up for the Visual Art award in UCSC's Sammy Awards
    Unity Awards Finalist 2013-Lens was named one of 6 finalist for Best Student Project in the 2013 Unity Awards

Lens-mas Fire Level:
    Based on a running joke within the team, I took a week to make a Lens Christmas special.  It was also a chance to play around a bit more with the mechanics of my Rift area which never made it into Lens proper.  It's super rough, because I made it in a week and didn't have a whole lot of time for polish and playtesting, but it was a blast to make so I thought I'd put it up.