This is a listing of the various games and prototypes I've worked on. Click the headers to for more detailed descriptions. 
 If you'd like to know more about anything, feel free to contact me

Senior Game Series
In the UCSC Game Design program, the 170 sequence is a series of three classes taken over the course of a student's final year. 170 is aimed at rapid prototyping, and whittling down every student's individual pitches into a select few teams that will proceed forward through the rest of the sequence.

Lens is a 3D Exploration/Adventure game set on a mysterious island whose inhabitants discovered the power to look into a parallel world. The game revolves around the use of the mystical Lens, a device that can peer and move objects between the parallel worlds. The game was made as part of my senior design course at UCSC, and I served the project as Art Director, along with doing additional miscellaneous coding and design work.

Official Site:

Lens Trailer

Lens-mas Fire Level:
Merry Lensmas

Based on a running joke within the team, I took a week to make a Lens Christmas special.  It was also a chance to play around a bit more with a few mechanics that never made it into Lens proper.  It's super rough but it was a blast to make so I thought I'd put it up.


Get To Work
San Diego Game Jam 2016 Entry
Theme: Group think
Made in 48 hours with a team of three. 
 We were voted "Best Abstract Game" at the end of the Jam.  
Try to accomplish goals as you explore, attempt to get to work, and pick up followers.

Theme- Ritual
Made in 48 hours with a team of three. 
Cat based sentence creation game.  Draw from a pool of who, what, where, and whens to create sentences before the time limit runs out.

    Two games I made for CS 179 Game Design Practicum, with a focus on the Kinect development.
The idea behind the class was rapid game development, so projects were split up into 3 sprints, each 3 weeks long.
Phantom was done independently , 
A Curious Robot Oddity was m

Sadly, I can't put these up to play (and they'd require a Kinect), but here are the videos for each.

Interactive Pet game, where you have to appease your interactive pet or it will come after you and try to eat your soul.
  A Curious Robot Oddity
Made with a team of 4.  Branching narrative where the player is moved through several rooms, each with Kinect mini-games.  They can either obey or disobey their robotic chaperone.


A Curious Robot Oddity


Other Games
Global Game Jam 2014
"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."
    I teamed with 3 other people to design a board game based on WWII Espionage.  We liked the idea of a game that forced players to give away information to seem trustworthy.  Our interpretation of the theme plays off of the idea that you build your worldview based on the information at hand.  
    One player acts as the General, who has to arrange their troops to fend off a series of attacks.  The other three players are Spies, who give the General information on how to respond to the each attack.  At least one of the Spies is a double agent though, who is trying to sabotage the war effort, but needs to be trusted enough that they can do so.  Every turn an "Attack" is drawn from the attack deck, detailing where(North, East, or West) and attack will come, and how strong that attack will be (2 units, 3 units, 5 units, etc).  The Spies look at this card at the turn start, then pass an "Intel" card to the General out of their limited hand.  Once the General makes troop movements, the Attack is revealed.  If there are an equal or greater number of troops in the Attack location(s), the Attack fails, otherwise it succeeds and a strike goes up on that location.  The game continues until three attacks succeed in one location, or the General makes it through all attack cards. 
    Ultimately we ended up with a game that was fun and easy to learn, but could accommodate a nice level of depth and really held true to the type of player interaction we wanted.  A lot of credit goes to E McNiell, who first proposed an espionage based board/card game, and who went into a corner and combined all our ideas into the basic ruleset we ended up building this off of.    
A pdf version with the full rules can be found here.

Ludum Dare 2013
    My attempt at the "You Only get One" theme from Ludum Dare 2013.  I started with the idea that you were trapped in a base with only one power core, and needed to create more.  This quickly ended up with me way off theme and in possession of a duplication machine.  The end result is a reasonably entertaining playground.
    Standard WASD FPS movement and 'E' to pick-up/interact

WarpGuns (Prototype)
    Warp Guns(never really found a good name for it) was a game concept I was playing with Summer 2012. The game is centered around energy weapons, specifically ones with projectiles that "warped" each other's paths. Each "bullet" has an attractive force around a certain radius.
    I thought this might lead to some very interesting, tactical gameplay. I initially liked the idea of a "shield" mechanic, which only activated when a player wasn't shooting (and could absorbed the energy fired by the guns as a resource). It makes a large part of the game about choosing offense or defense at anytime (though balancing such a game to make sure players didn't overuse or completely ignore shields would have been a challenge)

    I started playing with the mechanic in Unity, with vague plans of making as much of a game as I could. The warp feature is a simple Seek behavior between every object with an attraction.

    Immediately (as there was no firing delay/limitation at first) it became clear that the bolts fired from the same gun could affect each other in interesting ways. Add any angle or slight offset within a stream of bolts, an they would "catch" each other and start spiraling around each other, which made for a very interesting weapon behavior.

    I played with a few other weapon concepts, none of which made it super far. There was a sticky bolt and a bolt with massive influence (which I think would be particularly interesting to combine, and may do so if I go back to the concept). There was also a laser, which fired a short burst and detonated any bolts near its path.

This is the end result, which acts as a nice prototype. I'll probably play with it a bit more as I have time, but right now it's essentially just a really simple weapon test bed.

WASD- Movement
Right Click- Fire
X- Switch Weapon
E- Pick up Weapon
Esc- Detach mouse from game window