Another progress report for my Tropical scene.  I've focused more on modeling/texture work for the lighthouse, with a bit of general texturing on the sand, wood, and trees. I've added a few small things like barrels and planks to add a bit more interesting clutter, as well as shored up the colliders such that the scene is in a state I can call playable (Requires Unity Webplayer, as always).  I switched out my basic water material for Unity's, which is looking significantly nicer, and added a bit of fog to help blend it into the skybox.

   On my next pass, I'll likely devote more attention to some background objects, some low detail cliffs and forests to imply a shoreline on one side.  Beyond that, my plans are mostly to iterate on some of the weaker textures and add a few detail models to fill things out(household items, rope, crates) and maybe start in on some decals/particles as needed

Interior from last time.  Still very blocked out, no textures, a bit of lighting

I redid the frame of the house with the wooden beams I used for the pier.  Makes it a bit easier to modify the texturing later, particularly if I transition from a repeating material.  Brightened the lighting a bit.

Current texture/model pass.  Added more misc objects to fill out the house and everything has a basic unwrapping/texturing, even if a lot of it is repeating and doesn't look super exciting on closer inspection.

Wood material applied to the pier, and some misc barrel objects 

Modified the leaf material to tint to vertex colors and finally replaced the palm leaf texture.  I'm not completely happy with the palms yet, but they no longer clearly have fern leaves