A tropical scene I've been picking away at.  Not close to done yet, but I'm trying to get better about showing off my in-progress work.

I've been modeling in Max, constructing the scene in Unity, and playing around  with Sculptris to try to get a bit better about incorporating sculpting into my workflow.  I haven't been worrying too much about finalizing textures and materials yet.

Initial block out.  I did the basic modeling for the cliff and lighthouse in Max, then brought it into Unity to make sure the dimensions were working out.  In Unity I blocked out the walkway to the beach so I could test out movement through the scene and take the dimensions into Max to model the actual walkway pieces.

Replaced the walkway block out with basic walkway models.  Added in some palms.  Fun fact:  Fern leaves look a lot like palm leaves from far away, if you just need a texture to test against.

Adding some detail objects, started messing with lighting.  I'm pretty happy with the coverage I got from the rocks.  I made 3 basic rocks, copied them into 4 optimized rock clusters where I piled them randomly and took out the hidden faces/verts.  (2 large clusters: 999 tris and 543 tris, 2 small clusters:  168 tris and 130 tris) 

Added in a bit more vegetation, I've been looking into using vertex normals and colors to get some better looking lighting effects, but haven't done much with that yet.  Imported the cliff model into Sculptris to paint and make a high poly version of, I'm decently satisfied with the results.

A few more images of the current state of things

Top of the cliff
The ledge leading down to the wooden walkway

House interior.  Faking some indirect lighting by putting a point light in the window.  Textures coming soon.