posted Sep 1, 2014, 5:53 PM by Alec Asperslag   [ updated Jan 11, 2016, 6:19 PM ]
"World Tree" Asset, not in the current version

I've been neglecting updates for the last few months because I started working full-time, so a lot of my game and modeling stuff has been slower coming.

One of my projects has been doing a little modelling work for Nocturnum, one of the games from UCSC's 2014 Game Design students.

I was responsible for most of Nocturnum's enemies (Wolves, Zingbat, Luminotoad, Luminosaur), a few environmental assets (Cattails, Trees, Roots), and a few buildings (Generator, Ballistics Building).  It was an interesting project because I was doing a lot more character modeling and animation than I had been.  I got to play with lot's of glowing textures and more organic shapes I hadn't had a lot of practice with.

Similarly the perspective meant I had to think very differently about what to emphasize and detail in the model.   The player would be looking at everything from above and zoomed out, as opposed to the first-person views I've had more experience with lately.  And the game was meant to be very dark.  This meant a lot of the subtler texture details I tried early on where hardly visible, and I had to be extra vigilant about testing the assets in a mock-up Unity Scene.

Luminosaur Mock-up scene