A few before and after images from Lens 1.03 to Lens 1.04, to highlight some more of my specific content creation contributions in the last month or two of development.  

 Lens 1.03
Lens 1.03 intro
Old Intro
Lens 1.04 
Lens 1.04 Intro Cave
Updated Cavern meshes and normal mapping

Lens 1.03 Intro Altar

1.04 Intro Altar
Updated  Altar and Cavern Walls
Lens 1.03 Temple Lobby

Lens 1.04 Temple Lobby
 Updated Ceiling Unwrapping, Stained Glass textures, and misc materials and lighting
1.03 Canyon Cave

Lens 1.04 Canyon cave
 Updated and optimized Canyon wall meshes.  Added new Normal maps and brightened the directional light a bit.
1.03 Main Lens Room

1.04 Main Lens Room
Re-worked the cave mesh.  Replaced a few of the poly-heavy vines with the plant meshes I'd used for the same purpose in other portions of the game.

For the cave walls I updated the models a bit, trying to make the geometry a bit less flat and awkward in places.  Overall, by taking out the our hard edges and a few hidden vertices and faces I was able to keep the model at roughly the same complexity while getting to look quite a bit better (1624 verts down to 1167, 1204tris to 1178).  Finally I made a repeating normal map using blender's sculpting tools, which ended up giving everything a really craggy look that replaced the nice definition the hard edges only sort of had given us before.

New Lens Altar
The Lens Altar, which serves as the player's first introduction to the Lens mechanic, had remained virtually unchanged since Jason's initial set-up.  I re-textured and optimized the altar model and created a new Lens for the sequence, which animated instead of scaling weirdly like our old model. I updated the pool particle effect with existing assets, and added a point light to give it a more mystical/powerful feel.

Main Lens Room:
The Main Lens room got a lot of attention, as one of the areas I was less happy with in the 1.03 release.  I redesigned the room slightly, making it a bit bigger and moved the teleporters and decorations to better reflect the octagon motif we'd associated with the Lens.
1.04 Layout, Alternate World
One of the main issues with the old layout was how cluttered the Alternate world felt.  We had a lot of computer components to reflect the scientific nature of the other world, and a lot of glowing textures that were meant to give it a magical look, but ended up being overwhelming.  By expanding things out and shuffling (and deleting) the computer equipment I got things looking a bit better.  I tried a few "magical effects" on the walls, going off of an old idea we had involving runes.  Ultimately nothing looked right, and the plain walls pictured above proved the least distracting.
I should point out that my modifications were strictly on the walls, floor, and reorganizing other assets in the room.  I modeled most of the architectural assets found in this room and the Temple facade, and did optimization and unwrapping work on the floating slabs, alcoves, and computers/machinery.  

In the Canyon I also modified the wall geometry a bit less awkward in areas, and updated the normal maps to look a bit more stylized.  Most of the wall models in this area were designed to work as modular components by me, though it was Franklin who initially defined the level by placing them.
The Canyon also has the benefit of some lightbaking (for which I must credit Adams Burns as the one who got Unity's lightbaking working in a two world/layer system).  This added some nice ambient occlusion shadows that defined the rock faces a bit more, where before they'd tend to fade into one another in the ambient lighting.