3D Creations

This page showcases my 3D modeling endeavors.  

I have 3D modeling experience primarily with Blender and 3DS Max, with a general focus on environmental art for games.  This includes experience with high and low poly box modeling, UV unwrapping, model optimization, and normal baking in both programs.  I have done texture editing and creation using Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and Krita.

I have done a little bit of character, rigging, and animation work in Blender, primarily for machines and simple props.

Blender                        Adobe Photoshop
3DS Max                    GIMP
 Maya                          Krita

Demo Reel


Lens- I worked with a number of talented people on Lens, so it can be a bit hard to disentangle my contributions.  I did all modeling on the Lens artifact itself, the crystal Main Lens, and most of the temple exterior.  I also had a hand in optimizing and texturing many of the assets in the game I did not create, most notably large portions of the temple interior architecture and machinery pieces.
More screens and a free download can be found at www.LensTheGame.com

Mech- A quick side-project I did in Blender then imported into Unity and modified a few old particle textures I had sitting around.  Textures painted and cleaned up in Krita and GIMP.  Skybox is a Unity default.  Requires Unity Web Player.

Scifi Scene- A Scifi Scene I made with Unity 3D, to help practice 3DS Max and put to use what I learned while working on the environments of Lens.  Modeling and Normal mapping where done in 3DS Max, with some early unwrapping and clean up work done in Blender.  Image editing on the textures was done in Krita and GIMP.  Requires Unity Web Player.

Steampunk Variable Dock

posted Jan 11, 2016, 7:33 PM by Alec Asperslag

Pterosaur Concept Sketch

Pterosaurs flying past a zeppelin dock on a floating city.  I wanted to go with something structured more like a port than an airfield or runway, where the ships would unload near the city streets.  The idea was a mechanical docking system built on top of a railway, which could be reconfigured to support all sorts of fantastical air traffic.   Started for a steampunk modelling contest I found out about halfway through it's run.

Misc. Artwork Scraps

posted Jan 11, 2016, 7:14 PM by Alec Asperslag

Untextured Corridor

Scifi-Planter Challenge

DeiselPunk/CyberPunk Flyer


posted Sep 1, 2014, 5:53 PM by Alec Asperslag   [ updated Jan 11, 2016, 6:19 PM ]

"World Tree" Asset, not in the current version

I've been neglecting updates for the last few months because I started working full-time, so a lot of my game and modeling stuff has been slower coming.

One of my projects has been doing a little modelling work for Nocturnum, one of the games from UCSC's 2014 Game Design students.

I was responsible for most of Nocturnum's enemies (Wolves, Zingbat, Luminotoad, Luminosaur), a few environmental assets (Cattails, Trees, Roots), and a few buildings (Generator, Ballistics Building).  It was an interesting project because I was doing a lot more character modeling and animation than I had been.  I got to play with lot's of glowing textures and more organic shapes I hadn't had a lot of practice with.

Similarly the perspective meant I had to think very differently about what to emphasize and detail in the model.   The player would be looking at everything from above and zoomed out, as opposed to the first-person views I've had more experience with lately.  And the game was meant to be very dark.  This meant a lot of the subtler texture details I tried early on where hardly visible, and I had to be extra vigilant about testing the assets in a mock-up Unity Scene.

Luminosaur Mock-up scene

Cavern Scene

posted Feb 16, 2014, 3:26 PM by Alec Asperslag

Took a break from my Lighthouse scene to work on a few other projects, including this cavern I tried out last week.  I wanted to flesh out a small scene with minimal assets.

Unity Webplayer Link for those who want to try it out.

I sculpted the stalactites and stalagmites in Scupltris, then made a few lower poly versions of varying levels of detail in Blender.  Most of the assets were modeled in Blender, with me alternating between Sculptris and Blender's internal sculpting tools to generate normal maps.  I used 3Ds Max to position the vertex normals on the tree, and you may notice the grass in this scene was taken from my Lighthouse scene.

For texturing, I used Blenders texture pain in a few occasions for the floor and island, mostly relying on a mix a=of Gimp and Krita for all the other editing.  I'm finding Gimp's "Make Seamless" tool is actually really useful for natural looking textures.

The water shader is the same we used in Lens, credit and thanks goes to Adam Burns for letting me use it here.  The murkiness and flow-mapping seemed ideal for an underground river.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, considering I didn't sink more than a few days into it. I was able to make the best of a few assets, and got a few useful materials out of the process.

Tropical Scene-Progress Report 2

posted Jan 20, 2014, 2:46 PM by Alec Asperslag   [ updated Jan 20, 2014, 2:47 PM ]

    Another progress report for my Tropical scene.  I've focused more on modeling/texture work for the lighthouse, with a bit of general texturing on the sand, wood, and trees. I've added a few small things like barrels and planks to add a bit more interesting clutter, as well as shored up the colliders such that the scene is in a state I can call playable (Requires Unity Webplayer, as always).  I switched out my basic water material for Unity's, which is looking significantly nicer, and added a bit of fog to help blend it into the skybox.

   On my next pass, I'll likely devote more attention to some background objects, some low detail cliffs and forests to imply a shoreline on one side.  Beyond that, my plans are mostly to iterate on some of the weaker textures and add a few detail models to fill things out(household items, rope, crates) and maybe start in on some decals/particles as needed

Interior from last time.  Still very blocked out, no textures, a bit of lighting

I redid the frame of the house with the wooden beams I used for the pier.  Makes it a bit easier to modify the texturing later, particularly if I transition from a repeating material.  Brightened the lighting a bit.

Current texture/model pass.  Added more misc objects to fill out the house and everything has a basic unwrapping/texturing, even if a lot of it is repeating and doesn't look super exciting on closer inspection.

Wood material applied to the pier, and some misc barrel objects 

Modified the leaf material to tint to vertex colors and finally replaced the palm leaf texture.  I'm not completely happy with the palms yet, but they no longer clearly have fern leaves

Tropical Scene-Progress Report

posted Jan 9, 2014, 2:12 PM by Alec Asperslag

A tropical scene I've been picking away at.  Not close to done yet, but I'm trying to get better about showing off my in-progress work.

I've been modeling in Max, constructing the scene in Unity, and playing around  with Sculptris to try to get a bit better about incorporating sculpting into my workflow.  I haven't been worrying too much about finalizing textures and materials yet.

Initial block out.  I did the basic modeling for the cliff and lighthouse in Max, then brought it into Unity to make sure the dimensions were working out.  In Unity I blocked out the walkway to the beach so I could test out movement through the scene and take the dimensions into Max to model the actual walkway pieces.

Replaced the walkway block out with basic walkway models.  Added in some palms.  Fun fact:  Fern leaves look a lot like palm leaves from far away, if you just need a texture to test against.

Adding some detail objects, started messing with lighting.  I'm pretty happy with the coverage I got from the rocks.  I made 3 basic rocks, copied them into 4 optimized rock clusters where I piled them randomly and took out the hidden faces/verts.  (2 large clusters: 999 tris and 543 tris, 2 small clusters:  168 tris and 130 tris) 

Added in a bit more vegetation, I've been looking into using vertex normals and colors to get some better looking lighting effects, but haven't done much with that yet.  Imported the cliff model into Sculptris to paint and make a high poly version of, I'm decently satisfied with the results.

A few more images of the current state of things

Top of the cliff
The ledge leading down to the wooden walkway

House interior.  Faking some indirect lighting by putting a point light in the window.  Textures coming soon.

Mech House

posted Nov 26, 2013, 5:16 PM by Alec Asperslag   [ updated Nov 26, 2013, 5:17 PM ]

A quick environment I did in Blender.  The Unity version can be walked through here (Requires Unity Webplayer)

Textures were primarily hand-painted in Krita, with a few resources from CGtextures like the plank texture (the skybox in the Unity photo is one of Unity's defaults however).  I wanted to focus on making an environment quickly, without worrying as much as I usually do about modularity or texture atlases.  The whole thing took about a week and a half from concept to finish.

Repeating Metal texture 

Main Body Diffuse Texture

Main Body Normal Map

Main Body Specular Map

Lens IGF Update

posted Nov 8, 2013, 10:33 PM by Alec Asperslag   [ updated Nov 8, 2013, 10:38 PM ]

A few before and after images from Lens 1.03 to Lens 1.04, to highlight some more of my specific content creation contributions in the last month or two of development.  

 Lens 1.03
Lens 1.03 intro
Old Intro
Lens 1.04 
Lens 1.04 Intro Cave
Updated Cavern meshes and normal mapping

Lens 1.03 Intro Altar

1.04 Intro Altar
Updated  Altar and Cavern Walls
Lens 1.03 Temple Lobby

Lens 1.04 Temple Lobby
 Updated Ceiling Unwrapping, Stained Glass textures, and misc materials and lighting
1.03 Canyon Cave

Lens 1.04 Canyon cave
 Updated and optimized Canyon wall meshes.  Added new Normal maps and brightened the directional light a bit.
1.03 Main Lens Room

1.04 Main Lens Room
Re-worked the cave mesh.  Replaced a few of the poly-heavy vines with the plant meshes I'd used for the same purpose in other portions of the game.

For the cave walls I updated the models a bit, trying to make the geometry a bit less flat and awkward in places.  Overall, by taking out the our hard edges and a few hidden vertices and faces I was able to keep the model at roughly the same complexity while getting to look quite a bit better (1624 verts down to 1167, 1204tris to 1178).  Finally I made a repeating normal map using blender's sculpting tools, which ended up giving everything a really craggy look that replaced the nice definition the hard edges only sort of had given us before.

New Lens Altar
The Lens Altar, which serves as the player's first introduction to the Lens mechanic, had remained virtually unchanged since Jason's initial set-up.  I re-textured and optimized the altar model and created a new Lens for the sequence, which animated instead of scaling weirdly like our old model. I updated the pool particle effect with existing assets, and added a point light to give it a more mystical/powerful feel.

Main Lens Room:
The Main Lens room got a lot of attention, as one of the areas I was less happy with in the 1.03 release.  I redesigned the room slightly, making it a bit bigger and moved the teleporters and decorations to better reflect the octagon motif we'd associated with the Lens.
1.04 Layout, Alternate World
One of the main issues with the old layout was how cluttered the Alternate world felt.  We had a lot of computer components to reflect the scientific nature of the other world, and a lot of glowing textures that were meant to give it a magical look, but ended up being overwhelming.  By expanding things out and shuffling (and deleting) the computer equipment I got things looking a bit better.  I tried a few "magical effects" on the walls, going off of an old idea we had involving runes.  Ultimately nothing looked right, and the plain walls pictured above proved the least distracting.
I should point out that my modifications were strictly on the walls, floor, and reorganizing other assets in the room.  I modeled most of the architectural assets found in this room and the Temple facade, and did optimization and unwrapping work on the floating slabs, alcoves, and computers/machinery.  

In the Canyon I also modified the wall geometry a bit less awkward in areas, and updated the normal maps to look a bit more stylized.  Most of the wall models in this area were designed to work as modular components by me, though it was Franklin who initially defined the level by placing them.
The Canyon also has the benefit of some lightbaking (for which I must credit Adams Burns as the one who got Unity's lightbaking working in a two world/layer system).  This added some nice ambient occlusion shadows that defined the rock faces a bit more, where before they'd tend to fade into one another in the ambient lighting.

Tree Tests - Maya

posted Sep 15, 2013, 1:23 PM by Alec Asperslag   [ updated Dec 9, 2013, 8:47 PM ]

A few trees I've been doing in Maya, part of a larger scene I started to teach myself Maya.


Textures where whipped up rather quickly, using a few personal photos and an image from CGTextures for the Conifer leaves.  Screenshots are from the Unity scene with a default skybox.  

Polycount by Unity's estimation:
Conifer Trunk: 71v    74tris
Conifer Leaves:  336v    576tris

Tree2 Trunk:   195v     266tris
Tree2 leaves: 924v     888tris

ScifiScene Progress Report - 3DS Max

posted Sep 2, 2013, 12:29 PM by Alec Asperslag   [ updated Dec 9, 2013, 8:48 PM ]

Sometime near the beginning of August I started work on building a Scifi Scene.  I wanted to try a more modular and planned environmental design, along with forcing myself to get some more practice in with 3DS Max and elements of the Unity feature set I hadn't really touched on Lens.  

I based it off of airport terminals, both because I find them to be very interesting spaces and because a lot of airports try to be very sleek and futuristic looking.

So far I'm pretty happy with the results, though it's far from complete.  I plan on adding more backgrounds and texturing work, and hopefully a little bit of environmental story telling.

You can walk through it in Unity Web-player here.  May take a few minutes to load.


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